Work with Jan 1-on-1

Personal Branding
Inner-alignment to outer-alignment

As your COACH, I connect you with exciting possibilities, and help you to actualize your highest potential, achieve extraordinary business results, and to live in flow and experience more wellbeing.


Are you advanced on your path of personal development and do you want to break through to your next level?

I love to work with conscious entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and keynote speakers. We’ll create your inner alignment first and then the outer alignment of your business, brand and creation.


1:1 Workshops & Coaching

We-Flow 1:1 Coaching & Consciousness Practices

Philosophical Inquiry

Personal Branding

Brand Strategy & Communication for your company

Product / Service / Offering creation and activation

Peak Performance Practices & Biohacking

Creating unity in your leadership team, investors and board

What outcomes to expect:


Get to know your real you and what gifts you uniquely want to bring to this world.


Grow your business & projects and unleash your voice in a way that is fully congruent with who you are. Build your offering and brand and move in full coherence.

Access your full potential and inner wisdom

Master self command and, awareness and learn to exist in more wellbeing. Learn biohacks that give you energy to reach your goals and extend your life. Access all of your inner and outer resources.

Becoming human means stripping away your persona and conditioning, embodying and fully expressing your true being in everything.

When working with me 1:1, you’ll have access to:


create your life’s work and make it a masterpiece: elegant, unique, useful and essential


liberate who you are in your life and creation

Joyful Flow

experience more playful flow and wellbeing in your work and life

Bold Exploration

access new possibilities and make a quantum leap in your life and business

Heart-Based Community

connect with conscious pioneers & entrepreneurs

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