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Jan approaches public speaking and workshops for brands and organizations with the same mission that guide his other projects - creating bright futures together.

In your audience, he instills a deep trust in the best of humanity - that everything is possible.

His style is warm, energetic, clear, and human & joyful. He can provide powerpoint slides, but is even more engaging when improvising and speaking from awareness, from the inner knowing that spontaneously arises in the moment.

  • CV Summit Zug, CV Culture and Impact Leaders Circle, Speaker

  • Marketing Society London, Podcast on Socratic Design

  • Trouble Maker Shenzen International Makercenter, Keynote on Design Thinking & Innovation

  • Top 100 Speaker Slam, Stuttgart, finalist with Keynote Business Spirit

  • Humans I Trust, London, Speaker on Conscious Entrepreneurship

Choose from a wide range of topics, tailored to your audience

01 Becoming human

Ground into presence. Accept what is. Let go of reactivity. Watch your reflexes as they happen and choose. To become present, let go of all tension. You’ll do your best work when you are fully present. Becoming human means to move from your culturation and identity story to embody your being and release who you are.

02 Humane Technology

Business can be beautiful, art, and a channel for transformation. Business is the most potent igniter of change. Every organization can create positive impact in the world through their actions, voice and relationships.

Humanity needs to lead technology in an age of tech opportunism. Tech is neither good nor bad, it is an amplification of the underlying anthropology, ethics and visions. How will it make our life more liveable? How can we thrive as a species within the boundaries of a regenerative ecosystem? Which ethics do we need and want for exponential technologies and life extension? 

03 United Emergence

How to create a foundational operating system for companies to create the future? Would you like to learn to work in a joyful flow of creating together with ease? An agile culture that can shape any future.

04 Peak Performance for Entrepreneurs

Learn daily rituals, biohacks and awareness practices for self-stewardship to live your life to the fullest, get things done and still have juice in the tank in the evening.

05 Masterclass: 
Morning rituals as an act of self-love

What if waking up early could be pleasurable and something you look forward to? What if you had a morning ritual that would make your day great, even on days where you feel overwhelmed? I would like you to have a morning ritual as a foundational habit that lifts all areas of your life. I offer a masterclass in which you learn to build your own morning ritual, deconstruct the elements, and foundational quantum biology for peak energy and how to begin the day with what is most important for you.

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Looking forward to discuss what you want to bring into the world.

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