As consultant I can provide you and your organization the following services:

Brand Strategy

Growth Insights

We Space Stewardship

Dialogue & Public Sensemaking

Jan has been working with leaders, impact entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, investors and venture capitalists professionally for more than 15 years.

I work with some of the most impactful and inspiring brands I know of, including conscious businesses.


What are you actually getting when working with me?

I help you to...

Connect you with exciting possibilities.

Build your strong (personal and company) brand that attracts more ideal clients and generates more revenue.

Build your strong (personal and company) brand that attracts more ideal clients and generates more revenue.

Build your happy and energetic teams & great culture.

Create clarity for what’s next for you and your organization and help you to emerge it.

Access who you really are and to align your business, brand and messages with it.

Actualize your highest potential as a leader & as a leadership team.

Achieve your extraordinary business results.

Learn awareness based practices to steward yourself, others and groups.

Get everybody in your group on the same page when it matters (e.g. board meetings), using „the art of collective attention“ and philosophical tools.

My work is based on impact accounting, which means I am accountable that you reach your goals. Therefore, each project is a risk free investment for you.

Creating the business model, innovation, brand, culture and product development, incubation, and commercialization to build new ventures, products and services. I coach and advise the CEO, can step in as interim CEO or Co-Founder.

As partner you can collaborate with me in the areas of:


Biohacking, Vitality and Life Extension

Personal Growth Digital Products

We-Spaces I participate in and contribute to:

We-Flow Collective

We-Flow Steward

We-Flow provides new ways of working and growing for conscious businesses.

Socratic Design Academy

Socratic Design Ambassador

Socratic Design is a pragmatical philosophical approach to design the future.

Humans I Trust

Angel Agent 222

Humans I Trust is a private membership community whose mission is to connect heart-centered creators and influencers to network, educate, collaborate, and play while building a regenerative future for humanity.


Genesis NFT member

VEME is a new Web3 Creator Network that transforms ‘fans’ into co-creators and investors.


Here is an overview of selected projects.

Venture Development


Venture Developer in the areas of Brand Strategy, Culture Design, Content Strategy, Product Strategy and Leadership Development of CEO


Yeswetrust provides tools for daily growth to make people feel more alive, enabled by a heartbased community and the blockchain.


Active Investor.


Funzi is the world's most accessible learning ecosystem with 10m+ users.


Active Investor


Personalized functional supplements.

Social Impact Lab

Social Impact Lab

Served as mentor and jury member of this accelerator program for social impact ventures.

Brand Strategy & Growth Insights

Tierarzt Plus Partner

Developed a new brand and brand strategy for this private equity play.

Tierarzt Plus Partner

Tierazt Plus is an independent network for holistic pet health in Germany, founded by serial entrepreneur Damian Doberstein.

Sonntag Studios

Created Brand Strategy & Offering

Sonntag Studios

Sonntag Studios is a multidextrous consulting agency founded by Cathrin Sonntag. They create new standards by sharpening the multisensory perception of luxury brands.

TPA Real Estate Brands

TPA Real Estate

Sonntag Studios is a multidextrous consulting agency founded by Cathrin Sonntag. They create new standards by sharpening the multisensory perception of luxury brands.Created Brand Strategy & Offering

Bianco di Puro

Brand Development of relaunch and Brand Strategy for the founder Paul Wollersheim.

Bianco di Puro

Bianco di Puro provides beautiful high speed blenders - healthy plant based nutrition as a lifestyle.

Bertelsmann Direct Group

Bertelsmann Direct Group

Corporate Development, New York, Post-Merger Integration of Bookspan (TimeWarner) and Bertelsmann, Collab with Parsons School of Design on the future of thebook, prepared launch of Audible (sold to Amazon)

Wearfauna x Silberball

Greenly Growth Insights in collaboration with

Wearfauna x Silberball

Fauna creates audio glasses that allow you to enjoy audio while still hearing the world around you.

Greenly Growth Insights in collaboration with Silberball

Culture Design & We Space

We-Flow Conscious Business Accelerator, Berlin & Tokyo

Founder CBA Germany


We-Flow CBA is a growth journey for entrepreneurs to unleash the next level of their business. A 2 days intensive followed by an 8 week growth journey based on awareness based practices.

Socratic Salon


Socratic Salon connects global catalysts in socratic dialogues (by invitation) to advance global pressing challenges through collective sensemaking and aligned action.

Blockbase Trust

Blockbase Trust

Planetary Supernodes Gathering during WEF, Cocreation and Moderation on Health and Planetary Wellbeing



HR Transformation Summit Shenzhen, China: Co-creator, Facilitator andSpeaker - Innovation Ecosystem Learning Journey, Socratic Dialogue and DesignThinking Workshop



Reaktor creates digital products, services and strategies. Co-Facilitated a Socratic Design Lab with founders and global Design Team. Result: „shifting a holocracy from a success to a learning culture“



Trained Strategic HR Managers on Innovation Practices and moderated aSocratic Dialogue

Looking forward to discuss what you want to bring into the world.
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